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"Making A World Of Difference"

We use 100% pure essential oils in our products. No synthesized fragrances, binders or fillers which can cause allergies and bad reactions, only pure organic essential oils and natural ingredients. All of our essential oils are medicinal/therapeutic grade quality.

Beard and Hair Oil

After you shower simply apply roughly 5-7 drops (depending on length and density of hair or beard) to palm of hand and distribute evenly throughout a slightly damp hair. Use comb for more better distribution. A single 2oz bottle should last a normal customer 12-14 weeks.

2 oz Pump Bottle

2 oz Hair & Beard Oil - A to G
2 oz Hair and Beard Oil - H to Z

8 oz Pump Bottle

8 oz Hair & Beard Oil - A to G
8 oz Hair and Beard Oil - H to Z