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Organic Candles

"Making A World Of Difference"

We use 100% pure essential oils in our products. No synthesized fragrances, binders or fillers which can cause allergies and bad reactions, only pure organic essential oils and natural ingredients. All of our essential oils are medicinal/therapeutic grade quality.

Organic Candles

Our candles were developed for using anytime that the strength of the oils is less desired but when you still need it, such as evenings or when having company. Simply light the candle and that’s it. We use organic soy and or bees wax as our candle base and each candle has about 3% essential oils, which is why they cost just a little more.

(Always use caution with an open flame and keep all flames away from children. Never leave a candle or open flame unattended. Do not sit on heat sensitive materials).

4 oz Candle

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