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Essentials of Aromatherapy -
16 or 21 CEs - 20-495231

This course is our introduction to aromatherapy course. It is also a prerequisite course for all other aromatherapy courses that we offer, regardless of your previous experience. You may not sign up for any of our other aromatherapy courses without taking this one first.

It can be taken in a 2 or 3 day course. The only difference is that besides getting fewer hours for the 2 day course, the 2 day course has few hands on hours, while still having hands on hours.The 2 day course has the same information, just shortened and combined into 2 days. This course is comprised of the following 3 courses. To find out what is contained within those classes, please click on the link of each classes.

Fundamentals of AromaTherapy I

Fundamentals of Aromatherapy II

Fundamentals of Aromatherapy III

This class is scheduled on the following dates: