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eGift Cards and Gift Certificates

"Making A World Of Difference"

We now offer our Gift Certificates as Gift Cards and eGift Cards.

Simply click on the gift card photo above to order.

You can automatically click on $135 (the price of an hour service), $190 (The price of a 90 minute service), $405 (the price of the 60 minute Wellness Package of 4), $570 (the price of the 90 minute Wellness Package of 4), or you may enter your own amount just by clicking on the custom button. Which ever you would like.

We suggest that you choose the eGift card. The person who you choose to send it to will receive an email with the card and information on how to redeem it. That way there is no plastic to dispose of, in case you're eco friendly. Enjoy our gift cards for whichever holiday or event that you like.

We hope that you enjoy our products and services.