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Orchid Lectures and Guest Speaking

John does guest speaking engagements and lectures on orchid culture. Currently he is offering lectures on "nobile" type or "soft cane" Dendrobiums, Dendrobium species, Sobralias, and Sobralia species. Other lectures will be added on later. Please check back for a list of these different lectures.

  • Soft Cane Dendrobiums "Nobile type Dendrobiums"
    Event Description
    This lecture and PowerPoint presentation focuses on the history and culture of species and hybrids of the section Dendrobium, within the genus Dendrobium. John is well known for this lecture and presentation.
  • Dendrobium Species
    Event Description
    This lecture and presentation focuses on various species within the genus Dendrobium
  • Sobralia and Brasolia
    Event Description
    This lecture and PowerPoint presentation focuses on the genus Sobralia and the separation of plants now considered Brasolia. A brief history and where hybridization is going.

For speaking engagements we require a speaker's fee and outside of the Broward County, FL area, travel expenses.
Lodging, or lodging expenses, may be required if the location is more than a 3 hour drive from Broward County.
If John is supplying the "raffle plants", please remember that the plants are not cheap $5 plants, and the number of plants the society gets "donated" will be dependent upon the total amount that the society is willing to reimburse for the plants.
The society also agrees to not supply "extra plants" for raffle or sale during any lecture as this may interfere with the lecturer's sales.
If John is at some point unable to provide "raffle plants", it will be discussed prior to the event.

John is also able to customize other orchid lectures for societies, if interested in any type of orchid related lecture that is not listed, please give us a call.