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Pre & Post Surgical Therapies

Cosmetic Surgery

Transitional Surgery

Other Surgical Procedures*

This is a combination of therapies which help the patient prior to going into therapy and after the surgical procedure. Usually, it is recommended, and may be prescribe by your doctor, to get a minimum of 5 appointments, consecutive daily, prior to surgery, along with at least a minimum of 5 appointments, consecutive daily, post surgery.

You, or your patients, if you are a doctor or surgeon reading this, will have much better outcomes and recovery time from surgery by doing this.

Presurgical treatments include some MPS therapy as well as MLD. The MPS therapy helps to realign the sacrum and spine as well as release the fascia so that there are fewer complications with surgery and fascial binding to the new incision. MLD is also applied during this time so that it can speed up the lymphatic system which will help to remove toxins, cellular debris, fats and lipids, and other unwanted items within the lymphatic system. This helps to prevent bruising and swelling right after the surgery.

Post surgical treatments also include some MPS therapy and MPS, but for different reasons.
MPS is applied post surgically to help repolarize the scar tissue as well as help alleviate pain, both physically as an alternative to opioids, and sometimes even emotionally, depending on the surgery and the reasons for it. Post treatment will also help prevent fascia form binding to the surgical scar internally which can lead to future pain issues. MLD is applied to help reduce swelling by removing accumulated lymphatic fluids in areas where local vessels may have been compromised by surgery. A combination of both techniques also helps to prevent the development of keloid scars.

Individual sessions:
60 Min M10060…$150.00
90 Min M10090…$220.00

Package of 5 consecutive appointments (pre or post):
One hour (60 minute)....$700.00
Ninety (90) minute....$1,000.00

Package of 10, 5 consecutive presurgical treatments and 5 consecutive post surgical treatments:
One hour (60 Minute Sessions)....$1,300.00
Ninety (90) Minute Sessions....$1,900.00

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*Other surgical procedures, these can include heart surgery, gall bladder, appendectomy, wisdom teeth, breast augmentation or reduction, hernia, burns, etc. Any scars, internal or external, including adhesions from extended sitting, can cause fascial or myofascial problems and binding. Time doesn't matter either, that scar that you got when you cut your chin when you were starting to walk, to the time that you scraped your knee, even your belly button is a scar.
Scars can hold onto emotions so scars then you received during a traumatic event could possible cause an emotional release. This is a good thing though as not releasing those pent up emotions and dealing with them can cause other health issues. This is one of the reasons why releasing/ repolarizing the scar tissue is so good for transitional surgery and mastectomies. Both have their own emotions attached, but it has been our experience that those who have had this done have felt a world of difference after having the treatment.