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Scar Release/Repolarization

    Scar tissue is something that most healthcare professionals never think about when it comes to pain relief or movement, but it is something that can strongly impact the human body. Scars can block the energy pathways in the body, nerve impulses, venous and lymphatic flow, prevent muscles from moving properly, and even bind the fascia in the body causing pain elsewhere within the body far from the site of the scar via the fascial trains.
    The skin naturally has a negative charge (polarity) but when cut or injured, changes to a positive charge (polarity) in order to properly heal. It never goes back t a negative charge (polarity) unless a negatively charged (polarized) DC micro-current is passed through the affected tissues.
    We use the MPS Dolphin to repolarize and release scar tissue because it is the only hand held device that uses a DC micro-current, the current that your body naturally uses to heal itself and run on, and has been clinically proven to repolarize the scars and surrounding tissues, and help deregulate the autonomic nervous system.
    We have had countless success with scar release in helping to reduce pain and increase range of motion. We pretty much start each person off with scar release to insure that you have successful outcomes with our therapies.

30 Min M70060…$70.00
60 Min M70060…$135.00
90 Min M70090…$195.00
120 Min M70120…$250.00

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