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Wellness Program

Wellness Packages are subject to the terms and conditions of our Wellness Packages. They are intended to get someone better from an existing condition, or to prepare them for a current regimen.
Appointments need to be scheduled for 4 appointments during a given week, or 4 appointments during a given month.

This is to provide the optimum effects on the body to improve current health conditions, or to prepare for specific effects upon which you are working. If you do not adhere to these term, then your optimum outcomes may not happen. Please ask your therapist for more details.

Your first visit will be scar release/repolarization. We will need to know where your scars are located. Scars do not just mean surgical scars. They can include broken bones and fractures, cuts and scrapes, piercings, tattoos, abdominal adhesions, lymphatic blockages, irradiations, burns, and birthmarks. The more of these that you have, the more time will be needed. If you do not have too many scars, then your first visit may include the MPS Therapy standard protocol. If there is not enough time for this, then some manual therapy may be applied for the remaining time,

Your second visit will mostly be comprised of the MPS Standard Protocol, and Manual Lymphatic Drainage. A person does not need to have swelling or lymphedema in order to receive MLD. MLD can be performed in order to ensure that the lymphatic fluid is functioning properly s that when you d increase your exercise, you don't have any issues during that time.

Your third visit will be comprised of some MPS Therapy and Manual Lymphatic Drainage, especially if it wasn't done in appointment number 2, due to excessive scars in appointment 1 and/or 2. It will also be comprised of addressing specific pain issues, or preparation for increased exercise, or both.

Visit number 4 will continue with focusing on specific issues and/or preparation for increased exercise for our sports and exercise minded customers. This visit clears up other issues and gets you ready for your maintenance visits.

Maintenance Visits and Packages.

Each individual is different. Some people will want or need maintenance visits once per month, while others every other or every 2 weeks. Some will still want every week. We have designed maintenance

Wellness Packages and Maintenance Packages can not be redeemed for cash or credit.

Wellness Packages

Wellness Package of 4

Maintenance Packages

Maintenance Package 3 visits - 15%off

Maintenance Package 6 visits - 20% off

Maintenance Package 12 visits - 25% off

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